Saturday, September 29, 2007

A tooth!!

Finally!!! Madison turned 9 months old the other day and FINALLY cut her 1st tooth today! I can't believe in 3 months she'll be 1 year old already!! She's doing really well though. She sits up on her own, loves blowing raspberries, says Dadadadadadada, loves playing with her toys, and will stop at nothing to get something she wants and she's cute to boot!

Other firsts...I just got finished taking Riley's bedroom door apart. She locked herself in and was so scared. I had to take the doorknob off (we are replacing it anyway) and she freaked when the doorknob fell on the floor! LOL She keeps me on my toes. I'm afraid to see how Madison is going to be after Riley!

Ronnie is on his way out of town tomorrow. He flies to Alabama for 2 weeks and from there he'll go to Arizona until THANKSGIVING!!! Gone for 53 days! :o( BUT...I think we decided that mid-November, I'll be packing up the kiddos and DRIVING out to see him! I know its crazy, but I've always wanted to go out there anyway. I decided that I'm going to try to meet some of the May Mommies on my way...I'm not sure who will meet us in Oklahoma City, but I think Amanda is going to try to get down to Las Vegas to meet us or she'll drive and we'll meet somewhere in the middle. I've been talking to them all for a few years now and feel like I've known them forever so it will be so cool to finally meet in person and let the kids play together for a bit. I can't wait!!!

Oh to get the kids in bed. They've had late bedtimes this weekend since Ronnie JUST got back from being in VA for 2 weeks. I'm tired from them being awake late! LOL

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I just sat down thinking I had a few minutes to devote to this before getting the girls up for school. You'd think I'd remember my password or log in information, but no. I had to spend all my 'free time' trying to get into my account just to be able to type this. @@ Oh well...hopefully, I'll be able to sit and type some later now that I know how to get in.