Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl!

These pics are all over the place as far as order, but they are all from Riley's birthday party yesterday. Everyone had a great time. Riley was so excited that her friends came to her party.

Lil Miss Maddie!! Isn't she getting big!?!

We were going to rent a bounce house but the price was a bit high because we were short on time and couldn't shop around. Ronnie suggested buying one of course I did! The kids ALL loved it!!

The three big kids seemed to be the only ones who 'got' the pinata. LOL I ended up with a bowl of candy sitting on the table for the grown ups to munch on. The kids grabbed their lollypops and ran!

Our party was supposed to be small...then it grew and grew and was going to be big and then last minute ended up being small. It was supposed to rain so I planned it for inside, but the kids wanted out so we moved to the yard (the yard that is in the middle of being cleaned for the summer. Ron's new ride on mower and the kids bikes are our beautiful backdrop for the party @@ NIIIIIICE!!!)

Opening presents.

Riley and her new friend Laurel in the bounce house.

Poor Laurel had no idea what she was getting in to with the 'big' kids in the sandbox. LOL She had a blast though.

Even the girls were 'decorated' in Dora for the party. (Did I mention I hate character stuff on clothes?) Oh well...their cuteness distracts from the screenprinting. LOL

Maddie in the bounce house. That was the last smile we saw on her near the bounce house. She HATED it...until this morning when it was just her and Riley. I think the big kids scared her.

Cake time!!

One of these days I'll catch a natural smile on her. Until then, this is what we'll see. LOL

Our grocery store had some really cool Dora cakes but the girl who took my order had no idea how much they were. @@ So I had to just deal with a plain cake. I think it came out cute though. (there are 2 Dora's because one is a candle)

And this was too cute to pass up. It was cuter in their book but Riley loved it either way. The store said it served 2-4 people. It was big! I got 8 pieces of cake out of it!

Oh well...Ronnie was on the camera again so we got about 10 pics of each shot. So I thought there'd be a ton more, but this is enough.

Happy Birthday Riley Morgan!

Monday, May 5, 2008

First Haircut

I really didn't want to cut her hair, but it was time. She was looking scraggly. So here's before...

And after...

Not too bad. I just trimmed about 3 or 4 inches off. She sat still in the beginning and then got bored quick and wanted down. I think I may add some layers to it soon though. I was afraid she'd lose her curls but they are still there. Now I hope that layers will bring them back even more. Keep watching to see if I do it!

Tons of random pics...

My pretty butterfly!

The girls LOVE going to the zoo.

Mommy and her baby girls at the zoo again.


My beautiful girl!

Aren't they pretty!

Brittany at goalie. GO BRITT!!!