Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow it has been some time. I'm sitting here in our soon-to-be-kitchen waiting on Maddie to finish her dinner. Since we flipped the house around 2 weeks ago, she hasn't eaten much of anything GOOD. Mostly juice boxes, cereal, hot dogs and pizza. Wonderful mother I am huh? Anyway, I just remembered I had a blog and amazingly remembered all of my information to get into it, so here I am. Typing and waiting. Riley's sitting next to Becky barking (LOL) while Becky sits next to her playing the dsi. Oh did I mention that the sofas are in the soon-to-be-dining room? Yup! The living room is closest to being done. We'll head out for paint and primer in the morning and hopefully, put the tv back in the living room in a few days. The goal is to be able to watch True Blood's season premiere this Sunday. We'll see...

The older three girls leave in 2 weeks for Disney with their mom. That is also the week that our kitchen cabinets should be delivered. I.can't.wait!!!! It'll be SO nice to have new cabinets and countertops and space...tons of space (compared to what I had).

I thought this living without a kitchen for a few weeks would be easy. I can tell you now, IT IS NOT!!! I washed dishes in the bathroom sink today. Dishes that had been sitting on the kitchen table for a week. BLECH!!! I don't know where anything is, but chances are if its missing, it is either in my room or the family room. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) has a film of dust on it. Not a livable amount of dust either. Yucky, make ya feel dirty when you walk in the room dust.

I can't wait to get my house back. Oh and look! Maddie FINALLY finished her dinner.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Girls' room...

And finally the little girls' room. I did curtains again over the closet. These aren't done yet either. They are too long so I'm going to take some off the bottoms and use them on the windows. I'm also FINALLY using some butterflies my sister used at Riley's baby shower and putting them on the curtains for that whole Butterflies theme. I put a few on to see how it looks and I like it. I just haven't finished yet.

Those stupid windows again @@
You can see in the pics where I spackled the nail holes from Britt's pics. I have the can of paint in there, I just didn't touch up the walls yet. To be honest, I'm going to have to take pics of all the walls to see where the spackle is since you can't really see it when you are IN the just reflects light from the flash different. Don't mind the patch work carpet. We put a remanent in there for Brittany because her bed covered the bare wood. Now I have to carpet the room, but that'll have to wait a few weeks.
And finally Riley's bed...
and the girls who followed me from room to room when they saw the camera. LOL

Little Girls' Playroom...

Obviously they are playing in there. The room was spotless 15 mins before the pic!

This is the view as you walk in. Eventually what you are looking at will be a hallway leading to all of the bedrooms from the foyer/living room entrance. We are putting a wall up on the left handside and that closet will actually be part of the foyer.
Just lots 'o toys. That shelf is being moved in to their bedroom (soon).
There's kids playing. See the windows!?! I HATE them!!! HATE HATE HATE them. They are going (soon I hope!!) They are in all 3 bedrooms on the main floor.
More toys...stupid toy box ONLY has baby dolls and stuffed animals in it. I can't close the thing, yet they only play with maybe 6 or 7 of the dolls. @@
There's the little chickies. Riley's name is moving to the bedroom and I'm making Maddie's name to match for over her bed...

Brittany's room...

This is by far is my favorite room in the house now. Back before we put the girls each in their own rooms, one wanted hello kitty....another wanted a surf theme. I found a HELLO KITTY SURF theme!!! Then they both changed their minds. I 'insisted' one of them do the HK Brittany chose it. Now that it's put together, I'm SO glad I insisted!!!

Brittany's closet!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! It's a grass 'skirt' curtain.
Her window..and look at the bed skirt!!! :o)
The best view of her 'whole room'
The view as you walk in the door...

Becky's room...

I finally got the big girls moved in to their new rooms. I'm going to post each room as a separate blog entry so "I" don't get confused.

Here's Becky's room...

Her bed...

Her closet...isn't it cute!?! Ronnie didn't want to put doors in because I didn't want folding doors and he said full doors would take up too much 'room' in the room when you open this was MY solution!

This is the view as you walk in to her room...I am still working on her outlet covers so they will go in in the next couple days. I have to get my butt to Home Depot to get a 5'x6' piece of carpet padding we pulled up before I cleaned the carpets (stupid dog!!!) and then put the baseboard trim along the bottom once the padding is put in...THEN I'll be done in here...

Her window. The window itself is small...she's in the basement. "I" want to make that curtain into a simple valance but she likes it long. I like less she wins! (for now LOL)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shel said, "Blog it!" so I did.

Anyone up for a vent? No? that little "X"

Ok...still here....ugh. I just have to vent for a minute.

I finally got to sleep in this morning. I mean REALLY sleep in. Riley must have woke up this morning and turned her tv on pretty early and then fell back to sleep. Maddie was in her crib watching tv. Riley's asleep on her Dora couch on the floor. Brittany is asleep in her room. Woohoo!!! I can go back to sleep for a bit!! YAY!!!

10 minutes later, the dog is going NUTSO!!! I look at the clock and it's 9:30 (ok so technically I DID sleep in, but it could have been longer). Brittany comes running out of her room to let me know the exterminator is here. WTHeck? So much for between 12 and 1 huh? He's out in his truck so we go to lock Dopey in a bedroom and the stupid dog pooped in Ronnie's workroom in the basement (I hate this dog!!!). So Britt cleans it up quick and runs it to the yard before the exterminator comes back in. She SCREAMS!!!! Like really really screams in the back yard. Maddie now is screaming in her room because she's seen me and wants out--NOW!!!!

UGH!!! Brittany comes running in the house to tell me quite adamantly that she is NOT putting the trash in the trash can. Uhh? Why not? Because there are TWO RACCOONS in the trash can!!!! WHAT?!? Ok, give me a second to get a plan in order. 1st...wait for the exterminator to come back in. 2nd...get Madison out of her crib and changed and put the gate across their door so they stay in there. animal control--do we even HAVE animal control??? There's no number on the website or their call in directory @@.

The exterminator did what he had to do, but of course had to have a complete conversation about bugs 1ST!!! @@ Got Maddie out of the crib. Sent Britt in their room to play with them (bad idea on MY part since that ALWAYS leads to screaming matches between the 3 of them). Went in to add my own screaming because I can't make a phone call with that 'noise' in the background (we'd have the cops out here in no time flat!) They quieted down JUST long enough to talk to the snappy woman at the town hall who acts like there is NO reason I should be calling the town hall during business hours! LOL Get another phone number for animal control and call him. I'm glad I pay my taxes because without it, where would I get the brilliance that I did to "put the trash can in the shade (don't wanna cook them on a 100+ degree day) for the day and then at dusk, kick the can over and run" LMAO Awesome plan!!! @@ I guess it could have been worse. He could have CHARGED me for that info right? He said they are 'probably not rabid...they are probably baby raccoons that got in there and got stuck. If I let them out now, they'll wreak havoc over the neighborhood until their mother comes to get them tonight.'

So, now I have bug spray stuff drying on my kitchen floor (that I didn't get a chance to mop before he got here since 12 o'clock was way off in the distance) so I can't let the girls out of their room to come to the kitchen to eat.

Megan calls to remind me to check my email for their flight information home today. It's a good thing their flight is this afternoon since I asked her to forward me the info 4 days ago @@.

I have to at some point today, run to Sam's Club because we are out of Apple Juice and it's the ONLY thing Riley will drink besides chocolate milk @@ (ugh this kid!!). Then hit Home Depot and/or Lowe's for some 'special' tomato cages for the other 9 tomato plants that aren't caged yet and are laying on the ground next to the raccoon filled trash cans LOL Then head to the airport in Philly during RUSH HOUR to get the girls.

Somewhere in there, I'm waiting to hear from someone selling some NIIIICE Mission style living room tables. She's got a 3 piece set with TONS o' storage. I offered her $50 and she said yes!! Now to just wait to hear back from her so I know if I can squeeze her in this afternoon, or tonight, or next month.

I attempted a couple weeks ago to paint my current living room tables with some textured 'stone' spraypaint. Not too bad, but the kids, I have a feeling will like scratching at the bumpy surface so they'll have to be painted over...and over...and over again.

If ya'll don't hear from me in the next few days, rest assured that I'm locked up in the looney bin somewhere safe (preferably with soundproof padded walls).

Oh and to top it off, yesterday was trash day. The trash can that the raccoons decided to set up camp in.....EMPTY! LOL

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just some pics that I found today...

Here is a lunch I made a couple weeks ago. Home made pizza with vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella & fresh basil. Oh my! It was so good!!

Our first 'harvested' veggie of the year! That bad boy ended up in a home made spaghetti sauce with a few of his store bought cousins.

He had some little brothers and sisters growing so I took a pic of them too. Gotta love the bug damage to the leaves huh?

"Maders" They are growing 'nicely'. Now well over 4 feet tall!!! Anyone need tomatoes by the way? I didn't realize that 12 tomato plants might be a bit much LOL

Yeah...poor cucumbers just aren't going to make it. They were growing BEAUTIFULLY! Then I went out one morning and something had trampled over them. I didn't have a trellis up yet and I guess I was too late. I didn't expect to see much of ANYTHING on those plants, but we do have 3 deformed cukes growing now.
Oh well...that's all for now. I thought I had kid pics on here, but this camera is huge so I don't take it with me ANYWHERE. I really need to start though. What's the point of spending that money so that it can sit on the desk collecting dust right?