Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow it has been some time. I'm sitting here in our soon-to-be-kitchen waiting on Maddie to finish her dinner. Since we flipped the house around 2 weeks ago, she hasn't eaten much of anything GOOD. Mostly juice boxes, cereal, hot dogs and pizza. Wonderful mother I am huh? Anyway, I just remembered I had a blog and amazingly remembered all of my information to get into it, so here I am. Typing and waiting. Riley's sitting next to Becky barking (LOL) while Becky sits next to her playing the dsi. Oh did I mention that the sofas are in the soon-to-be-dining room? Yup! The living room is closest to being done. We'll head out for paint and primer in the morning and hopefully, put the tv back in the living room in a few days. The goal is to be able to watch True Blood's season premiere this Sunday. We'll see...

The older three girls leave in 2 weeks for Disney with their mom. That is also the week that our kitchen cabinets should be delivered. I.can't.wait!!!! It'll be SO nice to have new cabinets and countertops and space...tons of space (compared to what I had).

I thought this living without a kitchen for a few weeks would be easy. I can tell you now, IT IS NOT!!! I washed dishes in the bathroom sink today. Dishes that had been sitting on the kitchen table for a week. BLECH!!! I don't know where anything is, but chances are if its missing, it is either in my room or the family room. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) has a film of dust on it. Not a livable amount of dust either. Yucky, make ya feel dirty when you walk in the room dust.

I can't wait to get my house back. Oh and look! Maddie FINALLY finished her dinner.