Monday, March 3, 2008

How the heck?

If anyone would like to enlighten me about how to get rid of those big blank spaces between my pics when I post, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Hey Remember Me?

Its been a while since I updated last. I really have to figure out how to get myself in here to blog more often.

I might as well start with right now. As I type this, Riley is wanting me to hold on to one of her belts and 'fish' with her. She's so funny...she's telling me Mommy...its not a belt!! Its a fishin' pole! Her imagination is amazing all of a sudden. She loves to ask questions about everything and remembers EVERYTHING you tell her. She makes me so proud!

Out of nowhere, she knows all the words to all the songs we've ever sung to her. She loves to sing along to the music in my car. Its too cute! There have been times where I thought she was trying to talk to us and I turn the radio down and say "What Riley?" and she tells me "Mommy I was singing! Turn it back on!!!"

I think she might finally be potty trained! She spent a few days running around naked all day. I couldn't keep clothes or a diaper on her, but she didn't have any accidents on the floor. She's been in 'big girl panties' for almost a week now and only wears diapers to bed at night (and when we go out---I'm not a fan of pee in my van LOL)

Maddie has 8 teeth now and LOVES to use them. This little girl is going to eat us out of house and home. Anything you put in front of her, she'll eat...and eat...and eat! She's getting so big and smart. I think we are just a few weeks from her walking. She doesn't crawl much anymore. She will hold on to anything--the wall included to get her through the house on her feet. Right now, she just seems afraid to let go and walk. Soon enough I'm sure.

Maddie is SO different from Riley. Riley was a more laid back baby. She was content to just sit on my lap and play with my fingers or just lay back and sleep on my chest. Maddie is my wild child! She doesn't sit still for anything. It used to be so easy to put her to bed for the night. More recently, I thought Riley kept her awake at night until a night last week. I heard the girls screaming (playing) and I assumed Riley had climbed into the crib with Madison. I went to check on them and there was Maddie---JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN HER CRIB SCREAMING-GIGGLING!!! And Riley was laying on her bed, under the covers saying "Maddie! Ssh!! I sleeping!!"

I've got spring fever REALLY bad. We got ONE snowfall this year--last week. It came by surprise overnight and then was gone 2 days later. Unfortunately, it came at the tail end of everyone being sick so no one got to go play in it. I brought some snow inside for Riley to play with and she loved it! I think it was too cold for her because once she built her snowman, she was done with the snow we brought in and didn't ask to go out to play in it again! LOL

I did get some pics I'll post at the end since I have no idea how to put them IN with my text without messing the text up.

I've been doing pretty good with keeping the house clean and organized. I went on a mission at the end of the year to clear stuff out and I think I did a pretty good job. All I have left to get rid of is baby gear that we don't need anymore. I tried Criagslist with it, but only had a few bites. I think I'll just have a yard sale when the weather warms up some.

Ronnie has the stairs built in their new place in the basement. He's got the support wall up too! Its only a matter of time before we start putting holes in the floor and building walls all over up here. I'm excited to get it all done, but not at all excited for the in between part. Hopefully, it goes fast and we can settle down and relax soon.

Oh well...its supposed to be gorgeous today so I'm going to go get Maddie down for a nap and get some stuff done so that maybe I can bring them to the playground or even out in the backyard in a little while.

Here are a few pics that are hanging out on my camera...

My flowers for Valentine's Day...

I tried to get a picture of Riley but she was watching Max and Ruby. This is the best I could get.

Here's Maddie. Her head looks much bigger in this pic than it really is LOL

Wild Child...

The snow...

Riley's snowman...

We put him outside to see if he could survive the night. We found this in the morning...we just aren't sure if it was murder or snowicide :o(