Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What a way to start!

I finally get this all figured out and the oven beeps. Time to make some chocolate chip cookies! The blog will have to wait...

Ok timer is set--9 minutes and counting! I have this big tub of chocolate chip cookie dough so that whenever a craving hits, I can throw in a few and I'm good to go.

So anyway, here's what's going on lately and my reasons for this blog...

Ron's in VA training for some new welding technique that will give him the opportunity to travel the world to work so its just me and the girls. We finally finished the girls' bedrooms in the basement the other day. I'm so excited. We are officially living in a FIVE bedroom house!!! Megan and I finished Brittany's room last night and we spent the better part of today moving her in. I'm SO tired, but the best is yet to come. I can't wait to get Riley and Maddie's room done at last. We are going with a light green that matches their bedding and I plan on painting a border around the room of butterflies and flowers. Its only been in planning since December 2004 when I found out Riley was indeed a girl. Oh well...the time is here!

I was just thinking tonight that I need to get going on getting both girls christened. We need to join a church before I can do that...and I can't decide what one to join. I miss my church in North Jersey. Its SO pretty and really the only church I know. I really wish we were close enough to bring them up there.

What else? What else? Hmm.. I guess nothing. I'm just exhausted from all the work around the house we've been doing. I hope to have everything done and in order before Ronnie gets home in a couple weeks. I guess we'll see.