Monday, October 22, 2007

They are growing up...

With Ronnie gone for a while now, he asked me to email him current pictures of the girls. Maddie and Riley were the only ones home. I figured since I hadn't posted recent pics of either of them anywhere, I'd add them here too.

Riley's 'smile for Daddy' grin...
And here's Maddie...don't mind the ALWAYS looks like that (or something similar). The back where it sticks straight up isn't long enough to get into pig tails yet and I had just taken a barrette out of the front of her hair. Oh and now that I look, there's a bit of drool too! LOL
The 'yuck' behind Maddie is where we tore the cabinets out of the kitchen a few weeks ago. I was going to fix the wall and paint, but Ronnie and I finally came to a decision on how we were remodeling the house and this wall is coming down (probably early in January). With everything else going on right now, I decided we'd just leave it and just not look at it LOL so you aren't allowed either!
Megan's last Home field hockey game is today so I'll try and take some pics there too (I always hold the camera and forget to take pics).