Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No one reads this huh?

Oh well. I'll just keep updating once in a while anyway.

We went to a Hillary rally that Bill Clinton spoke at last week. Stood in the rain for a bit only to get turned away. Luckily, my sister overhead that they had an overflow room and we could go there to hear the speech. Afterwards, we were on our way out and she overheard again that he was coming in there!! He heard about the overflow room and felt bad that so many waited so long only to not be let in, so he came over and shook hands and talked for a bit. With both little ones there with me, I didn't get many pics and the ones I did get didn't come out well...but here's a quick clip of his motorcade leaving...

After that we went for lunch to Nifty Fifty's with my sister. I got a few pics of the girls playing while we waited on our food.

She didn't want me to take her picture LOL

Maddie just wanted to eat the hat so my sister put it on her head, I clicked and then the hat came off LOL

She's so pretty! But I'm not biased at all!

We started some cherry 'ma-toe' seeds. I'm hoping to grow enough to give Riley her fill this summer. She LOVES them! We are going to do a few more veggies and herbs but have to wait until after the last frost and although its supposed to be 72 today, we are nowhere near the last frost until April some time.

She's so cute. She tells me every day that her seeds are done.

The girls are a mess, but Ronnie almost never lets me take his picture, let alone one of him smiling.

Super Bowl Sunday. Maddie didn't last much longer after this picture. But Riley surprised me. she sat through the first half of the game yelling at the tv just like Mommy. For some reason, I think she 'gets' football. She was really into it and kinda knew when and why she was cheering!

She'll be walking any day now :o( (oh and I know she doesn't match but she got her pants dirty so I put sweatpants on her)

I finally got around to making a bow board for their hairbows. Not bad for my first we just need more bows. I'm making memo boards for the older girls too...I should probably get on that pretty soon.

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