Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shel said, "Blog it!" so I did.

Anyone up for a vent? No? that little "X"

Ok...still here....ugh. I just have to vent for a minute.

I finally got to sleep in this morning. I mean REALLY sleep in. Riley must have woke up this morning and turned her tv on pretty early and then fell back to sleep. Maddie was in her crib watching tv. Riley's asleep on her Dora couch on the floor. Brittany is asleep in her room. Woohoo!!! I can go back to sleep for a bit!! YAY!!!

10 minutes later, the dog is going NUTSO!!! I look at the clock and it's 9:30 (ok so technically I DID sleep in, but it could have been longer). Brittany comes running out of her room to let me know the exterminator is here. WTHeck? So much for between 12 and 1 huh? He's out in his truck so we go to lock Dopey in a bedroom and the stupid dog pooped in Ronnie's workroom in the basement (I hate this dog!!!). So Britt cleans it up quick and runs it to the yard before the exterminator comes back in. She SCREAMS!!!! Like really really screams in the back yard. Maddie now is screaming in her room because she's seen me and wants out--NOW!!!!

UGH!!! Brittany comes running in the house to tell me quite adamantly that she is NOT putting the trash in the trash can. Uhh? Why not? Because there are TWO RACCOONS in the trash can!!!! WHAT?!? Ok, give me a second to get a plan in order. 1st...wait for the exterminator to come back in. 2nd...get Madison out of her crib and changed and put the gate across their door so they stay in there. animal control--do we even HAVE animal control??? There's no number on the website or their call in directory @@.

The exterminator did what he had to do, but of course had to have a complete conversation about bugs 1ST!!! @@ Got Maddie out of the crib. Sent Britt in their room to play with them (bad idea on MY part since that ALWAYS leads to screaming matches between the 3 of them). Went in to add my own screaming because I can't make a phone call with that 'noise' in the background (we'd have the cops out here in no time flat!) They quieted down JUST long enough to talk to the snappy woman at the town hall who acts like there is NO reason I should be calling the town hall during business hours! LOL Get another phone number for animal control and call him. I'm glad I pay my taxes because without it, where would I get the brilliance that I did to "put the trash can in the shade (don't wanna cook them on a 100+ degree day) for the day and then at dusk, kick the can over and run" LMAO Awesome plan!!! @@ I guess it could have been worse. He could have CHARGED me for that info right? He said they are 'probably not rabid...they are probably baby raccoons that got in there and got stuck. If I let them out now, they'll wreak havoc over the neighborhood until their mother comes to get them tonight.'

So, now I have bug spray stuff drying on my kitchen floor (that I didn't get a chance to mop before he got here since 12 o'clock was way off in the distance) so I can't let the girls out of their room to come to the kitchen to eat.

Megan calls to remind me to check my email for their flight information home today. It's a good thing their flight is this afternoon since I asked her to forward me the info 4 days ago @@.

I have to at some point today, run to Sam's Club because we are out of Apple Juice and it's the ONLY thing Riley will drink besides chocolate milk @@ (ugh this kid!!). Then hit Home Depot and/or Lowe's for some 'special' tomato cages for the other 9 tomato plants that aren't caged yet and are laying on the ground next to the raccoon filled trash cans LOL Then head to the airport in Philly during RUSH HOUR to get the girls.

Somewhere in there, I'm waiting to hear from someone selling some NIIIICE Mission style living room tables. She's got a 3 piece set with TONS o' storage. I offered her $50 and she said yes!! Now to just wait to hear back from her so I know if I can squeeze her in this afternoon, or tonight, or next month.

I attempted a couple weeks ago to paint my current living room tables with some textured 'stone' spraypaint. Not too bad, but the kids, I have a feeling will like scratching at the bumpy surface so they'll have to be painted over...and over...and over again.

If ya'll don't hear from me in the next few days, rest assured that I'm locked up in the looney bin somewhere safe (preferably with soundproof padded walls).

Oh and to top it off, yesterday was trash day. The trash can that the raccoons decided to set up camp in.....EMPTY! LOL