Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just some pics that I found today...

Here is a lunch I made a couple weeks ago. Home made pizza with vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella & fresh basil. Oh my! It was so good!!

Our first 'harvested' veggie of the year! That bad boy ended up in a home made spaghetti sauce with a few of his store bought cousins.

He had some little brothers and sisters growing so I took a pic of them too. Gotta love the bug damage to the leaves huh?

"Maders" They are growing 'nicely'. Now well over 4 feet tall!!! Anyone need tomatoes by the way? I didn't realize that 12 tomato plants might be a bit much LOL

Yeah...poor cucumbers just aren't going to make it. They were growing BEAUTIFULLY! Then I went out one morning and something had trampled over them. I didn't have a trellis up yet and I guess I was too late. I didn't expect to see much of ANYTHING on those plants, but we do have 3 deformed cukes growing now.
Oh well...that's all for now. I thought I had kid pics on here, but this camera is huge so I don't take it with me ANYWHERE. I really need to start though. What's the point of spending that money so that it can sit on the desk collecting dust right?


Christina said...

YAY!! new pics! Congrats on the veggies! Isn't it NICE having them right in your yard??

Oh, and you need to look into a Tracy Joy bag. There's room for your camera and all the other stuff in your purse. She sells some on Etsy and also at

Now go take some pics of your kids!! ;)

Angelique said...

That picture of the pizza looks really good. What kind of dough did you use? I suck at the self-rising stuff, there has to be a trick to working that!